put a little holiday in your market

by catherine brawner in ,

A disclaimer for all of you who live outside of the Alabama state lines : Hang in there! I'm going to be posting about quite a few local events around Montgomery in the coming weeks. And while it's great that my fair city is buzzing with activities, I can only imagine how jealous you're going to be. Like, super, mega, uber (you get the idea) jealous. But do not despair! Take a look around your locale and I'm sure there are plenty of handmade, home spun, locally-sourced artist events nearby for you to enjoy.

Holiday Market crop jpg.jpg

This week the Jr. League of Montgomery hosts it's annual Holiday Market at the Crampton Bowl. I know, I know. "Isn't Christmas over already?" you ask. Well, it turns out that was last year and the Jr. League likes to give you a very ample head-start for the next Noel to come. So while you still haven't gotten up the Halloween decorations for our current month, we are barreling away towards the frenzy of gift-wrapping and pine-scented merriment that is the holiday season. So get prepared and come on down to the Holiday Market this week for some How-To events and an abundance of gift ideas. My jewelry will be featured (and on sale!) in a local artist section where you can pick up handcrafted gifts and swell with pride as you realize you are the best gift giver ever. Check out the website for a detailed schedule and ticket purchases. jlmontgomery.org