Our streetcar suburb

by catherine brawner in ,

Spring came in with a bang this year and although it's been a little chillier than expected, there has been a flurry of activity around these parts. The Old Cloverdale Tour of Homes took place last weekend and we joined the walking tour to hear snippets of history and an architectural overview of the neighborhood. After a few manic shifts between freezing and broiling temperatures in the last month, the weather was perfect and the walking tour attracted quite a crowd (you can see our group stretching around a block in the photo below). Our tour guide pointed out that the addition of more affordable bungalows next to grand colonials is what makes the neighborhood vibrant. While it's no socialist utopia, Cloverdale and the surrounding areas are the the most diverse sections of Montgomery that I've seen so far. I'd love to hear other Montgomerians' thoughts in the comments below!

I love walking tours and the inspiration that usually tags along. It turns out that many home builders in OC hand-picked parts of their house to be built in different architectural styles they fancied. See an American Foursquare house plan you like in a mail-order catalog, but want to tack on a timber-framed exterior? No problem! Frankenstein homes seem very American to me. The compulsion or ease to purchase mass-produced, married with a sense of individuality.

My work is far from mass-produced and it's nice to be able to offer folks the ability to design personalized pieces. I just finished up a custom order for a bride who requested sterling silver Forget Me Knot necklaces to match her wedding colors. There's an intimate quality about helping someone craft a piece of their big day, so I have my fingers crossed for photos to see just how beautiful it all turns out!

As summer rolls in, there are barrels of events to attend here in the River Region. I'm hoping to show my face (and have a booth!) at the upcoming Montgomery Street Fair. It would be my first fair as a vendor so I'm super excited! Also, did someone say Soap Box Derby? Who doesn't want to see that?!

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