My passion lies in everyday objects.

Things we see, touch, wear, or use during the course of our everyday lives. Sipping coffee from a handmade ceramic mug, tying my hair back with a locally dyed scarf, or glancing over at a framed ink drawing on my wall. These things make me happy. 

I hope my work makes your day brighter, too.

I can't remember a time when I didn't feel the drive to create. Growing up, I was lucky to live in communities that exposed me to local craft and to have family who shared their skills. Traveling abroad further peaked my interest in how art can affect people and led me to pursue an art degree in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2012 I began designing and making jewelry in the deep south. And in 2014, I moved my studio to the midwest where I continue to take ridiculous pictures of my cats and bake lots of bread.


Each piece in my collection is crafted by hand and guaranteed with a free repair policy.

All sterling silver wire is made from recycled metal and scraps from the creative process are reclaimed to be recycled. With a goal to use the most eco-conscious practices, priority is given to materials fabricated locally and all gold wire is made in the USA.

If you have a green suggestion, please drop me a line.